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Regrow Hair with Scalp Massage

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
scalp massage to regrow hair


We all love a scalp massage. It is an excellent and enjoyable way to regrow hair. You can do it wet or dry. You can use your fingers, or you can use a gentle scalp massager. By gentle, I mean silicone-based. You do not want anything hard or pointy because it can irritate the scalp and damage your follicles, which can cause hair loss.

Frankly, I like to do it dry in the middle of the day. It feels fantastic, and it will help your hair grow. It will keep your scalp become energized with oxygen, nutrients, and blood flow. Increased blood flow to the scalp encourages thicker, fuller growth of hair. A scalp massage will also get any hair products or dandruff away, so the follicle is open and healthy. A clogged follicle will not grow hair, so that is important for hair growth. Enjoy your hair massage!

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