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Jessica Carroll Reviews CheveuxRx Serum And Vitamins For Hair Growth

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
Hair Vitamins For Hair Growth

Health and beauty influencer Jessica Caroll put our CheveuxRx hair vitamin supplements and serum to the test by taking it consistently for 4 months straight and her results are unreal! 

She made 2 videos. The first video is introducing the products and showing her hair before taking Cheveux. The second video is after using our products for 4 months straight, seeing her results and hair growth.

Jessica Carroll

Jessica shared her first impressions of the supplements and the serum:


- Pro: She loved that the supplements came in daily dose packaging

- Pro: Don't make her break out


- Pro: Fragrance-free

- Pro: Gives her hair extra volume

- Con: Didn't like the textured feeling of the serum on her hair

Jessica Carroll Hair

Click here to watch her introduction video!

Click here to watch her update! 

 In conclusion, Jessica grew FOUR inches in four months, which is an inch a month. Overall, she was really happy with her results and would recommend her CheveuxRx experience to anyone! Thank you, Jessica, for the amazing feedback.

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