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Take your CheveuxRx Hair Vitamin Supplements Anywhere!

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
Hair vitamins

Did you know our CheveuxRx Hair Regrowth Supplements come in pre-packaged daily doses so you can take them anywhere you go? 

Officially Vacation

It's officially vacation season which means endless sunshine and fun. Our hair vitamin supplement packages are travel-friendly and allow you to pack them in a makeup bag or suitcase with plenty of room to spare. Often times, you are carrying more than one medicine bottle, and it can get bulky! It always adds up to be more space in your suitcase than you anticipated.

Makeup Bag or Suitcase

While you're packing, lay out 2 packs per day until you have enough to last you through your vacation (don't forget travel days!). Pro-tip: If you want to be more organized, we suggest using your organza carrying case that we have provided in your box to keep them all in one place and easy to find.

Now you won't have to miss growing healthy hair while you're on vacay! Don't forget to send us a postcard. 🌴

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