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Causes Of Traction Alopecia

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
Causes of Traction alopecia

Can wigs, extensions, clip-ons, and weaves cause traction alopecia? Yes, they can all cause traction alopecia. Traction means pulling, and alopecia means hair loss. We are in complete control over this type of hair loss. It is caused by what we choose to put in our hair and how we treat it.

If you're doing these things and you're losing hair. You might want to think twice about it. Talk to your doctor or your hairstylist. If it's severe, you can do the following: talk to a professional about getting a topical anti-inflammatory or an antibiotic for your hair follicle.

You can use an anti-fungal shampoo, a gentle shampoo, or you can use a vasodilator. Those will stimulate your follicles, kind of get them alive again—also, proper nutrition. If you don't have the building blocks, nothing in your body is going to get better. 

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