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Why Supplement with CheveuxRx Vitamins for Hair Growth?

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
Hair Regrowth - Hair Vitamins

Women are juggling it all, doing it all, kicking butt at it all and taking on the world one busy day at a time. We are multi-dimensional, busy, brilliant and ideally, need to feel our best to do our best.

That’s where Cheveux’s complete Women’s Multivitamin and Hair Growth supplement comes in. With us, you’re getting two supplements in one.

Are you wondering how this is possible?

Well, when you take our supplements, you aren’t just gaining healthier hair and hair growth using hair vitamins, you’re providing your entire body the vital nutrients needed to tackle whatever comes your way. All that, while looking and feeling your best.

We aim to repair, protect and enhance your body and hair from the inside out: giving it exactly what it needs to promote hair growth and protect from hair thinning. Our supplement is in the purest and highest grade forms, in high enough doses to make a major difference - without any nasty side effects. If you compare our capsules to the competition, you’ll see what sets us apart.

In comparison to the competition, we give you and your body more, but not just for the sake of saying it: we’re doing it with purpose. That’s because much like we are, our bodies’ needs are constantly in motion. What’s needed today may be needed in a higher dose tomorrow. If you’re looking for long, luscious hair and a multivitamin, you need a supplement like this. Our Cheveux capsules are FDA-approved and conveniently sealed in dose packaging. No prescriptions to refill, no mystery ingredients, just what works. Three capsules, twice daily.


Written by our Social Media Manager, Cassandra  

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