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Thiamine Hair Growth

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
thiamine hair growth

Why Is Thiamine An Important Vitamin For Hair Growth?

We know - the name sounds a little wild but really, you and your body already know and love thiamine aka vitamin B1. All of the B’s are essential when it comes to achieving optimal physical health, but B1 is number one when it comes to your hair and hair growth.

Why, you ask? Don’t worry, we studied that, too. B1 supports your nervous system, preventing further nerve damage from any internal stress and giving your hair follicles a chance to grow. B1 also supports your metabolism, ensuring your body has enough energy and oxygen to reach (and support) each and every follicle on your head!

You can get a good deal of vitamin B1 by adding salmon, flax seeds, green peas, tofu, acorn squash, and even brown rice into your diet.


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