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How Mel Stopped Her Hair Loss And Hair Thinning

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
HAir loss

Hi, I really want to talk to you about women's hair loss and hair thinning. If you get value from this video, we ask that you hit the like button. If you want more like it, please subscribe.

So let's get started. I want to tell you about my hair journey. When a year and a half ago, I went to three different doctors. One told me I'd be bald in a year. I was terrified. I thought when I was over, I thought I'd never feel like a woman again, but I couldn't give up. I wouldn't give up. So I kept learning and researching, and I did all my own line of supplements, which was personal.

I went and bought probably 50 bottles of supplements and hair vitamins made little piles of supplements all over my kitchen counter and put them in plastic bags to take twice a day. Then I went and I got a topical minoxidil product and I turbocharged it with easily an acid retinols caffeine, and I rubbed it on my head. It wasn't going to lose my hair. I made sure I was controlling my stress as much as I could. And I was dedicated to this program supplements twice a day, topicals twice a day for four and a half months, people started asking me, what are you doing with your hair?

I was a little embarrassed because I was hoping no one would notice how much hair I lost that I realized everybody had noticed. Well, it was just too polite to say they didn't want to upset me. So I told them what I was doing. They began to share their stories about hair loss or their mother story or their sister story or their father's story or their brother's story.

In some cases, their son's story, very young men losing their hair. And so the discussion started and research continued, and we worked with pharmacists doctors and master herbalists. To put together a system. So your body would get the nutrients. We created this product originally for me. We'll share it with you, if you think it's the right product, but what matters most is that you understand not to give up until you have the answers to your hair loss, go to the doctor, get blood test. I got a scalp biopsy. A very rare thing, but I researched and asked a doctor to do it. And I found one who would, and I found out that I just had androgenic alopecia, which was actually good news because it was easy to solve it.

Wasn't scarring or Ariana, which are much more difficult to address. I stayed persistent and I wanted answers. I wanted to know what's I losing my hair because I'm sick because I had some disease because I couldn't get better. We encourage you to do the same. Keep asking the questions and looking for the answers. The answers are different for everyone. Some people can easily solve their hair.

Loss could have just been a stressful period. Could have just been their nutrition was terrible. They were eating very well. Some people it's more difficult. They may need PRP or other forms of treatment to address their issues. My hair journey taught me. Not to give up, we're going to link below some resources for you to go and learn about hair loss. I am not a doctor when I have been on the journey.

The journey is terrifying, particularly in my case, because I was single. I'm still unthinkable. I don't always want to. We always hope to find a soulmate and I thought who's going to want somebody who has little to no hair. It's the truth. It's me. We think like that as women, I would go to a party and I'd have to do everything I can, I was actually spraying my scalp. So you couldn't see it. I was teasing bits of hair. I was thinking about starting to wear a wig. Very difficult, very, very emotional, please. Don't be ashamed.

Keep the discussion going, get the answers. There are. Discussions everywhere. There's lots of places to chat about. You can contact us on the links below. We will do whatever we can to help you. And that doesn't mean you have to buy our product. If you have questions. And if we can't answer them, we're going to find somebody who can that's my hair loss journey.

In a nutshell, your hair loss journey may be very different, but whatever it is, don't give up. Keep going. Let's get you back to your strong self, your beautiful stuff, and healthy you and healthy hair.

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