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Hair Journey Kylie Jenner

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
Hair Journey Kylie jenner

Hi there! Time for some fun hair talk. We're going to talk today about Kylie Jenner's hair journey. A gorgeous young woman who can rock any style.

So obviously she has the best of the best. She does put her hair through many changes. What can happen with processing is certain chemicals, particularly ammonia, can retard some hair growth during the telogen phase. The telogen phase is the resting phase.

Coming out of the resting phase, some of the ammonia in the products can hurt it. Most follicle damage that you do is temporary. But if you have bad processing, that follicle damage can become permanent.

As we look at Kylie's hair, she bounces back so well. We have no reason to believe that Kylie has any permanent damage. We're using this to educate you and talk to you about what could happen with processing.

Some of that damage may be permanent. So if you find that you're having that problem, talk to your hair care professional or dermatologist. Make sure that damage isn't going to be permanent. Do what you can to fix it.

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