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Essential Oils Hair Growth

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
essential oils hair growth

What Can Essential Oils Do For Hair Growth And Thinning Hair?

Essential oils have been used in an alternative solution for rejuvenating hair growth and preventing thinning hair for decades. 

Most only know these oils for their aroma, but their hidden talent is that these oils present some unique side effects for hair health. To help rid of hair problems and increase volume, using natural oils is effective and full of health benefits.

What can essential oils do for you?

For instance, using lavender & peppermint oils can stimulate hair growth. A lemongrass oil eliminates dandruff, and all it takes is a quick mix into your current shampoo. We could go down the line of essential oils but these oils provide nourishment, prevent oil build-up, reduce stress, and balance your hormones. The only risk is allergic reactions, so make sure to be safe before adding essential oils to your daily routine.

Essential oils will aid hair health with little risk of side effects and little effort. So don't be afraid to get mixing! 

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