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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

How To Do An At-Home Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

What kind of coconut oil should you use for this coconut oil hair treatment? I just use whatever I've got. First, pre-shampoo and let your hair dry. Then rub the coconut oil between your hands until it becomes a spreadable texture. Once it is an applicable consistency, put it through your hair. Start at the ends and work it all the way up. Let it sit in for a couple of hours. It won't hurt, but it can make you break out. So when you put it through your hair, make sure that it's not on your skin. 

I leave it on while I'm, you know, doing something glamorous, like cleaning the house or making food. Then I go shower, shampoo it out, and use my regular conditioner. It is excellent for hair. But don't use it as a post shampoo conditioner because it won't rinse out, and it'll be a very greasy day. We hope that you've got a few minutes to yourself to give it a try.

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