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3 Winter Hair Care Tips

Posted by Melanie Elaine on
Hair Care Tips

Everything from temperature to pollution can contribute to changes in your skin and body. Your hair is included in that. That said, changes in the seasons have a pretty fundamental effect on your hair. Shaking up your hair care routine is one way to combat dry, frizzy, or greasy hair. Here are a few tips on fighting off those winter woes!

1. Chill Out On Steamy Showers

We all love to start off a chilly winter morning with a hot shower, though your scalp may have other feelings. Hot water can strip the essential natural oils and dry out your hair shaft and scalp. If you can't quite the hot shower, maybe just change to warm/lukewarm bathe. Then finish it off with a cool scalp rinse, your follicle will close keeping in the moisture it craves.

2. Nourish, Moisturize, Condition

Replenish your hair this winter with a deep conditioning treatment, overnight hair masks, and daily moisturizing. A hair mask/treatment can be a great quick fix. To really make sure your hair is loving the winter as much as you are, adding a lightweight moisturizer like jojoba oil to your still wet mane can act as armor against styling products and harsh weather conditions. 

3. Wear A Hat

As simple as this sounds a hat can protect your hair from sun, weather conditions, and whatever may come your way! Make sure to pick a hat that will not generate hair static like wool or other harsh fabrics. 




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